Amazing Max: Pirate Attack.
Only worthy will win!

A high-quality mix of a classic platform game with bright and high-quality graphics with the addition of excellent mechanics on most types of devices


Amazing Max

Is the most crazy fighter of the Hunter clan.

A clan that does not obey anyone, but which many dream to conquer.

A lot of enemies - exactly what a great warrior needs!

A clan of space pirates

Those who march under the banner of the Jolly Roger, they exist even in the distant future.

Perhaps now is their best time!

If you don't find them in the space of the Explored Galaxies, then the Foggy Outskirts are their native element.

Angry and merciless

Rumors has it that it was in their ranks that those who could not become part of the Hunter clan found their refuge, and this only increases their hatred of the Hunters.