Amazing Max: Pirate Attack.
Only worthy will win!

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  • Amazing Max

    Is the most crazy fighter of the Hunter clan.

    A clan that does not obey anyone, but which many dream to conquer.

  • They cannot be defeated, but they can be recruited.

    The best warriors from all galaxies dream of becoming part of the clan.

  • They are unmatched in their cruelty and determination.

    Only they can be entrusted with the most important and most risky matters. Unless, of course, you have money to pay for their work.

A clan of space pirates

Those who march under the banner of the Jolly Roger, they exist even in the distant future.

Perhaps now is their best time!

If you don't find them in the space of the Explored Galaxies, then the Foggy Outskirts are their native element.

Angry and merciless

Rumors has it that it was in their ranks that those who could not become part of the Hunter clan found their refuge, and this only increases their hatred of the Hunters.

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And if in ancient times they were always drunken bandits, now it is a whole empire, the power of the space fleet of which many federations will envy.

Attacking exploration vessels heading to the Foggy Outskirts in search of new planets and resources, they seek to contain the spread of civilizations and prevent anyone from entering their domain.

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The development of the Explored Galaxies is extremely important.

The population is growing, resources are dwindling, and discontent among the population is growing. New planets are needed to develop settlements, new resources are needed to supply endless factories. This is why federations, empires and trade unions are keen to hire Hunters to protect their exploration expeditions. After all, the Hunters alone have thousands of inaccessible space forts throughout the universe containing hundreds of space fighters, atmospheric attack aircraft, planetary tanks, war robots, and millions of different charges. Rumors has it that even in the Foggy Outskirts, in the quiet expanses of space, forts hide under the rubble of ancient planets left behind by the Firstborn.

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